Siddhārtha Gautama was the historical founder of Buddhism . He was born a Kshatriya warrior prince in Lumbini , Shakya Republic, which was part of the Kosala realm of ancient India , now in modern-day Nepal . [1] He is also known as the Shakyamuni (literally: "The sage of the Shakya clan").

After an early life of luxury under the protection of his father, Śuddhodhana, the ruler of Kapilavasthu which later became incorporated into the state of Magadha , Siddhartha entered into contact with the realities of the world and concluded that life was inescapably bound up with suffering and sorrow. Siddhartha renounced his meaningless life of luxury to become an ascetic . He ultimately decided that asceticism couldn't end suffering, and instead chose a middle way , a path of moderation away from the extremes of self-indulgence and self-mortification.

Under a fig tree, now known as the Bodhi tree , he vowed never to leave the position until he found Truth . At the age of 35, he attained Enlightenment . He was then known as Gautama Buddha, or simply "The Buddha", which means "the enlightened one", or "the awakened one".

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