MANILA, DEC. 13 -- Young actress meets older actor on movie set. Sparks fly during love scenes. Hormones rage. Romance blooms. They quietly set up housekeeping in luxury condo. Then she drops bombshell, announces pregnancy on national television.

Complication: He not only is more than 20 years her senior, but is still married and has three kids with his estranged wife. What's more, he is known as a serial philanderer and has at least one other child by a longtime live-in partner.

The scenario would hardly raise an eyebrow in Hollywood. But this is the Philippines, the only Roman Catholic country in Asia, and the actress in question is Kris Aquino, the youngest daughter of former president Corazon Aquino.

DIMENSIONS by Kris Aquino ( BOOKS 5-8. - Kris Aquino

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