Supposedly there are going to be 9 books, as each of the books so far has focused on one of the 9 children of Room 209 (Amanda, Jenna, Emily, Ken and Tracey, respectively).

Plot: Amanda Beeson is the Queen of Mean at Meadowbrooks Middle School. Even though she was mean, everyone who wasn't her friend wanted to be, and she was adored by those who were around her. She might have a mean and evil exterior, bur Amanda has a reason for it. Whenever she feels sorry for someone, she gets transported into their body. So she's lived her life not caring for others. But when she spies Tracey Devon, the most utterly pathetic girl on the planet, walking through the cafeteria, she feels sorry for her, so it's no surprise when she wakes up the next day and finds she's not in her own body. Now she has

Plot: Jenna Kelley hasn't had a very smooth life. Her father abandoned his wife when Jenna was born, her mother's an alcoholic who is now in rehab, and she has the ability to read minds. Though she seems to be at a pretty good patch in her life, up until her father returns after all these years, wanting them to live a better life together, which is when her life gets very splendid. She thinks that this man will be the key to getting his mother back on track and getting them a better life. But her friends at Room 209 are suspicious of the new arrival, and will the shocking truth be revealed to Jenna before it's too late?

Gifted: Speak No Evil - Marilyn Kaye - Google Books

Gifted: Speak No Evil: Marilyn Kaye. -

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