We specialise in the renovation of the LUCAS K2F and K2FC magneto as fitted to BSA,TRIUMPH and NORTON twins.
The most common problem with original magnetos is failure once hot. The engine will start from cold
Then run for a short while, a misfire will develop and the engine will finally stop. Once the engine is cold again the engine will start. This is usually due to a breakdown in the insulation of the condenser or of the armature windings themselves.

When we undertake renovation of these magnetos we examine the following:-
•    Mechanical - Bearings, insulation, washers and shimming the armature
•    Electrical - Armature windings, Condenser, Slip ring, Points and Bushes
•    Magnetic - Check magnetism and Remagnetise magneto body
•    Ignition - Check Spark strength, Spark timing and stability

We use the CRYPTON MAGMASTER (from the 1950s) to do a comprehensive testing programme on each magneto we rebuild. This allows us to do slight adjustments to the magneto to achieve the best constant and accurately timed spark that the magneto is able to produce.

Triumph Pre-Unit Twins by Matthew Vale, 9781847973238

Triumph Pre-Unit Twins (Crowood Motoclassics) by Matthew.

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