Popeye the Sailor is an American animated series produced for ABC through King Features Syndicate TV that was released in 1960 with 220 episodes produced. [1] The episodes are grouped by the production studios of Larry Harmon Pictures , Rembrandt Films / Halas and Batchelor , Gerald Ray Studios, Jack Kinney Productions , Paramount Cartoon Studios , and Italy -based animation company Corona Cinematografica . [2] [3]

A version which includes all 220 shorts, presented in 55 half-hour cartoons can currently be seen for free on Amazon Video (as "Classic Popeye").

Note: In this production, the animation team was composed by: Izzy Ellis , Sam Kai, Casey Onaitis, Ray Young, Bill Higgins, Barney Posner, John Garling, and Bud Partch. Finally, backgrounds and layouts are made respectively by Dave Weidman and Henry Lee.

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