The 1990-2006 Kawasaki ZX600, ZZ-R600, Ninja ZX-6 sportbike repair manual by Haynes covers:

  • Kawasaki ZX600D (ZZ-R600), U.K. 1990-1993
  • Kawasaki ZX600D (Ninja ZX-6), U.S. 1990-1993
  • Kawasaki ZX600E (ZZ-R600), U.K. 1993-2006
  • Kawasaki ZX600E (Ninja ZX-6, ZZ-R600), U.S. 1993-2004
Note: this manual DOES NOT cover the U.S. market 2005-on ZX600J (ZZ-R600).


  1. If the engine is overheating and the cooling fan isn't coming on, remove the seat and check the (10A) fan fuse (see Chapter 9). If the fuse is blown, check the fan circuit for a short to ground (see the Wiring diagrams at the end of this book).

    If the fuse is good, remove the lower fairing (see Chapter 8) and unplug the electrical leads from the thermostatic fan switch. Using a jumper wire, connect these two leads (see illustration). If the fan still doesn't come on, check the wiring , connectors and fan motor.

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