There are certain things in life that make perfect matches; apple pie and custard, strawberries and cream. In the literary world, a perfect match is Neil Gaiman and Norse mythology. Norse mythology has influenced a lot of Gaiman’s novels.  Odd and the Frost Giants is a children’s book which introduces children to the fantastic world of Norse mythology in a fresh and creative way. Another perfect match is Chris Riddell’s illustrations accompanying the works of Neil Gaiman. The version of the book that I read was the one beautifully illustrated by Chris Riddell.

Making his protagonist have a disability is a master-stroke by Neil Gaiman. Odd is an endearing character, who never lets his crippled leg defeat him. It is refreshing to see a character with an affliction in children’s literature, where most of the novels are dominated by strong, powerful heroes and heroines who are physically fit and agile. Odd and the Frost Giants has a hero whose bravery shines through and whose mental strength and strong will makes him a perfect role model. It teaches children that inner strength and resolve is important when faced with difficult situations. It is Odd’s cunning, wit and charm which win over his friends and foes.

As I mentioned earlier, Odd and the Frost Giants is a gorgeous book, with beautiful illustrations by Chris Riddell. Riddell is a veteran illustrator of Gaiman’s stories and his illustrations match Gaiman’s visions perfectly. This book, like  The Sleeper and the Spindle, is full of stunning artwork, thoroughly detailed and gorgeous to marvel at. It is a perfect addition to any bookcase.

Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman Odd and the Frost Giants (9780061671739): Neil.

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