There was once a king who discovered that no sooner had he left his palace than his wife called down her lover, a black slave, from the tree where he was hiding and began an orgy in the royal courtyard as all her servants also copulated with the other slaves.

He had his wife executed and then proceeded to marry every fair lady in his kingdom, making sure to secure himself from the treachery of women by putting each to death the morning after the marriage.

So things went on until he married the daugher of his chief advisor, a girl named Shahrazad. After the marriage had been consummated, they lay back on the royal bed and, to pass the hours until her imminent death, Shahrazad began telling the king wondrous stories of love and destiny, of genies and mermaids, of gossipping barbers and scheming matchmakers – cutting short each tale just before dawn so that the king would let her live another night to hear the end of the story.

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