Childhood in war refers to children who have been affected, impaired or even injured during and in the aftermath of armed conflicts . Wars affect all areas of involved persons' life, including physical and mental-emotional integrity, social relations with the family and the community, as well as housing. More often than not, these experiences have an impact on a child's further development.

The Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research estimated that there were 226 politically-motivated armed conflicts (of which 38 estimated as highly violent: 18 full-scale wars, 20 limited wars) worldwide during 2016. [1] According to a Spiegel TV documentary in early 2016, estimated 230 million children live in war and crisis areas, experiencing everyday terror. [2]

Children are generally not the first to come to mind when victims of war and the aftermath of war are considered. They remain hidden behind the focus on political and material outcomes of war , even when war-induced injuries or disabilities become visible. The term war child takes on almost immeasurable significance when it is used consistently world-wide for all children of war across time. Der Krieg der Puppen (German Edition) eBook.

Der Krieg der Puppen (German Edition) eBook: Martyn.

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