Synopsis: Jem Barbary spent most of his early life picking pockets for a wily old crook named Sarah Pickles—until she betrayed him. Now Jem wants revenge, but first he needs a new job. Luckily Alfred the bogler, the man who kills the child-eating monsters that hide in the shadows of Victorian London, needs a new apprentice. As more and more orphans disappear under mysterious circumstances, Alfred, Jem, and Birdie find themselves waging an underground war in a city where science clashes with superstition and monsters lurk in every alley. – from

Why I picked it up: The cover reminded me of a sort of historical fantasy novel, and since I am a huge fan of history and fantasy, I thought it was worth a read.

Synopsis: Birdie McAdams is an apprentice for Alfred Bunce, a bogler who is responsible for catching and disposing of monsters that are more legend than they are reality. When a neighbor alerts Alfred and Birdie to the disappearance of several orphans around Victorian London, they strongly suspect that bogles are to blame. The pair decide to dig deeper, but what they find out about the reason behind the missing children may turn out to be even more terrifying.

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How to Catch a Bogle: Catherine Jinks, Sarah Watts.

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