I grew up with Phillip McDougal, and now I’ve had his baby! Oops! After Phillip and I had a one night time time tryst inside the room we nearly shared rising up, I’ve realized there’s no technique I’d improve our youngster with him. Plus, Mrs. McDougal, the highest wench in value of the farm and family, has came across now that I’m seeing one of the farmhands, Henry, an older man who nearly raised me, and who moreover loves the reality that I'm now full, ripe, and capable of nurture!

Oh properly, I do know exactly how one can get once more on the snooping Mrs. McDougal: the individual of the house is subsequent on my document….

Apparently, the individual of the house thinks I’ve to go to the ob-gyn consequently of of my most recent naughty conduct….Mr. McDougal, the individual of the house , recently came across that I had hooked up with not only one, nevertheless two, of the dudes I grew up with. Oops. Now, Mr. McDougal has scheduled a gynecologist examination for me, and he insists on being within the similar room with the engaging black doctor…within the course of the examination! Truly, I’m not a brat, nevertheless I do have an extreme need for seed!

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