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  • Dead connection detection is a feature whereby the server periodically tests each client connection to ensure that the client is still reachable and that the connection is still active. Connections that have gone dead—in other words, the client
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  • Discuss what can be expected when implementing Dead Connection Detection (DCD) along with Database Resource Limits with user Profiles, inactive sessions and the effects on V$SESSION, V$PROCESS and OS processesCAUAJM_E_18416 Event Server:
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  • In my earlier post I discussed what Dead Connection Detection is and why you should use it – read more here Oracle TNS-12535 and Dead Connection DetectionThe pre-12c implementation of DCD used TNS packages to “ping” the client and
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  • Missed an Office Hours session?. Thats OK - we record them and publish them so you can catch up at your leisure. See recorded sessions here . Question and Answer
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  • CAUAJM_E_18416 Event Server: <PFWLAR>  Failed Query: <BEGIN :RetVal := ujo_get_jobstart_depends_pkg.ujo_get_jobstart_depends (:I_joid, :I_cond_job_name, :I_autoserv, :I_mode, :B_dep_joid, :B_joid, :B_priority, :B_job_ver, :B_over_num,
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  • Dead connection detection ( DCD ) is a Oracle net feature which is primarily intended for environments where clients power down their systems or client machine crashes unexpectedly without gracefully closing the connections from the Oracle database.In
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  • When the application is not used for a significant amount of time, the firewall setting between database & application server closes physical connection between application & database.This will invalidate the connection in connection pool. To
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